Project Completion - Crochet Hello Kitty Child Hat

Crochet hat pattern I am following is from

Amy's Crochet Creative Creations

Photo from Arte del Ricamo

Someone requested this hat to be made for their 3 year old. Thankfully there are age ranges for the hat. I am using H hook and Caron Simply Soft (worsted weight) yarn. This should be pretty quick.

Starting the pattern, I wanted to make changes to the way I like to crochet and the way that's faster for me. 
Instead of the chain 5 and joining (which creates a hole at the top), I chained 3 and did 12 dc in the first chain. I also don't like using/counting the chain 3 or 2 as a stitch at the beginning of the round because it creates a hole when the hat is stretched. So I do not count the chain 2 I make at the beginning of each round as a stitch, which in turn I have to pay attention to the pattern and make sure when it says 'chain 3, dc' like in row 2, that I ch 2, then 2 dc in that same stitch - for the increase. 

This may sound a little crazy if you don't know what I mean, but try Amy's pattern; then try my way below...

+++ Join after each round.
1. Ch 3, dc 12 in first chain. 12
2. Ch2, inc in ea st. 24

I don't know, but that is simpler to me. Regarding the writing of the pattern, it is very descriptive. Since this is a hat and I am familiar with making hats, all I need to follow it is:

3. Ch2, *dc, inc* around.
4. Ch2, *dc 2, inc* around.
5. Ch2, *dc 3, inc* around.

So you can see the mathematical pattern here --- dc 1, then in the next row dc 2, then 3, and keep increasing until you like the diameter of the hat for a child. Once you stop decreasing, just dc straight until desired length of the hat.

In my case, I stopped decreasing at row 5 above, as stated in Amy's pattern, and dc from row 6 to 14. Then sc in white and last row, sc in pink.

I do like row by row instructions because I can swap the needle or hook size and not think about adjusting the size/length of the pattern. By following the rows, I think the item comes out proportionate.

That's a basic hat, but I do like to look at patterns to use as a guide and for details.
Came out cute!