Soft Stripes Baby Hat - Free Knit Pattern

Soft Stripes Baby Hat

Size: Newborn to Toddler

Size 8 DPNs
Size 4/Worsted Weight yarn, colors of your choice. I used purple and white here.


Cast on 64 sts, 16 sts on each needle.
Rows 1 - 4 Knit with Purple
5-8 K w/White
9 - 12 K w/Purple
13-16 K w/White
17 - 20 K w/Purple
21-24 K w/White
25 - 28 K w/Purple, keeping color pattern:
29. (K6, dec) around
30. Knit around
31. (K5, dec) around
32. Knit around
33. (K4, dec) around
34. Knit around
35. (K3, dec) around
36. Knit around
37. (K2, dec) around
38. Knit around
39. (K, dec) around
40+ Dec around until you have 4 sts left.

Fasten off and weave in end, or:

To make an I-Cord,

Transfer sts to one dpn, so you have 4 sts on one needle. Knit 4sts, push sts to right side of needle without turning, knit 4 sts, repeat until desired length.

Make & attach pom pom. To make pom pom, take both colors and wrap around your fingers 20 or so times. Take the wrapped yarn off your fingers, then with a small piece of yarn, tie in the middle. Attach pom pom and cut sides of pompom so yarn spreads out.

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