Testimonial/Recommendation from Another

Crafting is very wonderful. It brings people together and creates new friends. It starts conversations and connects you to others. At work, I made a wonderful new friend thanks to the craft of crochet. She wanted to learn to crochet and I nudged her into this wonderful crochet world - she really likes it!

The following is a testimonial from Cynthia.

"Olena Huffmire has been an amazing crochet teacher. Not only did I go from no crocheting experiencing, to crocheting a hat within the first half hour of working with her, but she is also very interesting as a conversationalist, with excellent ideas for future crocheting projects and other great crafts to work on with the children in my life. Additionally, she is very patient, and takes her time to show you proper techniques for which to build upon for more intricate work in the future. I highly recommend Olena."

So, if you're even in the neighborhood and would like to explore the world of crochet, or knitting, you know where to look =)

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