Crochet Stitches the Right Way - In or Out? (+ Free Crochet Patterns)


You are experienced enough to tell when 'in the round' stitches are inside out, and it drives you crazy!

But some people prefer to make things that way... here, let me show you. 

On the left, we have the most common way of a finished toy, what I call, the "right way."


Below, if you look at the dolls' head, the stitches are different - they are 'inside out.'

Different still, is the whale below. Very cute! Worked in the back loops of the single crochets to give it a ribbed look. Again, not very usual, but I believe this way of working a toy is becoming more popular.

Another way to create a toy, which is how most other pieces like clothes are made, is by working back and forth, as opposed to working in the round/in a circle. This creates a different look.

Last but not least, is using double crochets to create work. This is not very common in making toys, but this bunny came out so awesome.

Do you crochet 'inside out'? 

Thank You for stopping by! 

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