Knit-a-long! With a Free Pattern!

Won't you knit along with me?

This pattern, from Tanis Fiber Arts, is for a newborn size, but if you are comfortable and somewhat experienced in knitting, you can use larger needles and adjust lengths accordingly to make a larger sweater.

Since the pattern did not come with a chart, although it had a beautiful and inspiring photo, I used a color chart I found online for the bottom and another pattern at the top. I would like to do more Fair Isle items, but only after I finish all the WIPs (so I tell myself =)).

***All these charts are not mine. I found them on the internet a while ago and do not have a source. I will note if I have created an original chart. These are not my original charts.***

The wave chart is from Vogue Knitting

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  1. That wave chart is from Vogue Knitting if you would like to credit it.