Free Crochet Pattern - Baby / Toddler / Child Blue Navy Hat

You've Been Iced Hat


This Hat has a nice fade effect.

Materials:  Caron Simply Soft Yarn  (white, light blue, blue, dark blue, navy) and hook size H (I think)

With Light Blue,
Ch3, dc 12 in first  chain.
dc inc in each st. (24)
(dc 1, inc) around (36)
(dc 2, inc) around (48)
(dc 3, inc) around (60)
(dc 4, inc) around (72) ***This should be about 5" in diameter.
Dc around for 5 rows ****Change to White
Dc around 
sc around ***change to light blue
sc around ***change to blue
sc around ***change to dark blue
sc around ***change to navy
ch3, dc in stitch previous to ch3 (this creates an X stitch), *skip 1 st, dc in next st, dc in skipped stitch.  Repeat from *.
sc around ***change to dark  blue
sc around ***change to blue
sc around ***change to light blue
sc around ***change to white
(You can reverse sc here for a nice finish)

The above has not been tested, as I only made a baby size, but gauge it as you go. Let me know if you have questions =)

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